We are passionate about technology and building solutions to reach business goals.

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Welcome to Heresy Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

What we do.

Marketing/ Branding

Marketing has evolved over the past few years. Its time to automate. We are building tools to automate marketing.

Product Development

Always passionate to develop products. We are collaborated with various experts in HR, CA and Hospital to develop next gen solutions.


Hiring is tough. Screening is tougher. We automated the entire hiring process through SkillMapped. A product we are proud of.

Project Management

The non IT project management is quite different. An area not explored much. In our IFlows we solved it for CAs.

E commerce

We are building cost effective, personalised ecommerce solutions for our vendors. Features include custom marketing strategies and CRM.

IT Services

We collaborate with various domain experts to build products. We act as "CTO" for our partners. We work with their teams or help them build their teams.

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We build solutions to complex real world problems. Our focus has always been to develop scalable apps.

Technology is our strength. We are always up to date. We are research oriented than "get it done type."


Client list

Applications we are proud of.

ShopCart App


Shopcart is a general purpose e-commerce solution to sell products developed at Genomelabs manufacturing unit.

SkillMapped App


Hiring is tough! Screening thousands of resumes is tougher! SkillMapped helps to screen in bulk.

IFlows App


An exclusive product for CAs. Helps to track employees, clients and manage tasks.